FeeldAlternative Social Dating AppBy FEELD LTD

After Dimo’s social dating app Feeld went viral in the press he saw an influx of users and an increase in app store revenues. However, with these locked up for 60 days and invoices that needed to be payed he began to feel the squeeze. Using Pollen VC he received the revenue in his bank account, in cash, every 7 days.

Over the two years Feeld have been working with Pollen VC, app signups have increased from just a couple of hundred to over 3,000,000, revenues have grown by 1400% and the team has grown steadily to 13 people. As well as funding working capital, Feeld now uses Pollen VC to accelerate their in-app advertising revenues and reinvests this revenue to fuel UA campaigns, with the aim to increase their user base substantially.

"Working with Pollen VC helped smooth my cashflow and introduce more predictability into the way I was building Feeld. It gave me a lot of comfort not to have to worry about money and enabled me to operate fast – now when I have an idea I can implement it immediately."Dimo TrifonovCEO & Founder of Feeld
13 employees
Based in London, UK
3 million downloads
Increased revenue 1400% over two years with Pollen VC
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