PixonicAction-packed multiplayed battle gameBy Pixonic

Performance metrics around Pixonic’s latest release of the game in August 2015 showed strong momentum, success that was in danger of slowing while the company waited to receive payout of their earned revenues from the app store.

No longer trapped in the app store payment cycle, Pixonic was able to access the capital necessary to scale paid user acquisition campaigns and integrate new features to keep users loyal.

Recycling revenues aggressively back into user acquisition through Facebook, Google and other ad networks allowed Pixonic to break the 300,000 Daily Active Users mark and grow monthly revenues 5x, rocketing from nearly $260K to over $1.3M in 8 months.

Following this strategy has enabled Pixonic to grow their developer team from 20 to 60, invest money and man-hours to make continual improvements to their War Robots games app, and implement new and exciting features to keep their app fresh and relevant to their fans

10 months on, War Robots is averaging $2.5million a month on iOS alone.

"8 months of working with Pollen VC so far has made it possible to increase the revenue of our game War Robots five-fold and to double the size of our team. I think that Pollen VC offers a great opportunity to game studios that what to scale quickly."Philipp GladkovCEO & Founder of Pixonic
Increased team from 20 to 60
Based in Russia
Freemium game app
Increased revenues 499% in 8 months with Pollen VC
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