RecolorColoring book app for adultsBy Sumoing

Recolour app had a strong track record, performing well with strong engagement. However, they struggled to get adequate credit lines from the major ad networks.

Juggling credit cards to pre-pay campaigns wasn’t sufficient to support Sumoing’s increasing media spend, and they were determined not to dilute their equity with extra funding to cover the costs.

Accessing their app store revenues every 7 days with Pollen VC allowed Sumoing to aggressively scale their UA spend and focus on delivering daily fresh content that resonated with their user base — resulting in a massive 250% increase in revenues over just one quarter and putting them on a run rate to exceed $5 million in revenues in 2016.

"The revenues we have been able to access rapidly and use to speed up our growth through campaigns in Facebook and other networks has not just allowed us get the most out of effective UA channels; we have also acquired our most valuable users — users interested in our app — in the most cost-effective way."Ilkka TeppoCEO & Founder of Sumoing
6 person team
Based in Finland
Subscription colouring app
Increased revenues 250% in three months with Pollen VC
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