Fast Financing
for App Publishers

We provide flexible credit lines to drive mobile growth

Built for the App Economy

Our financing model was created for mobile apps and game publishers. We help businesses unlock their unpaid revenues and eliminate payout delays of up to 60+ days by connecting to their app store and ad network platforms.

We offer credit lines that are secured by your app store revenues, so you can access your cash when you need it most. As your business grows your credit line grows with it. Take control of your finances and grow your business without the need to raise dilutive equity financing or rely on cumbersome bank facilities.

Improve your cashflowOn-demand credit gives you the flexibility you need to manage your daily operations
Grow your businessMaximise your growth potential with rapid reinvestment into your user acquisition channels
Stay self sufficientReduce your reliance on equity funding and keep control of your company and your growth

Simple to Use

The sign-up process takes minutes, and approved applicants are typically able to start using their credit line within seven days. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

Your dashboard provides you with a consolidated view of all of your platform revenues to help you analyse your performance. Check your credit balance on the go, configure your payment settings and withdraw funds directly into your bank account.

Have a Freemium Mobile App?

Introducing the Pollen LTV Calculator. This free financial forecasting tool calculates lifetime value and predicts your app's cash flow, helping you model your app's success based on your user acquisition spend metrics.

The calculator also shows you how your app's cash flow would increase if you recycled revenue back into additional paid marketing, making meaningful growth quick and easy.

All you need to begin are your CPI, ARPDAU and retention metrics.

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