Our credit lines, explained

We provide flexible credit lines to drive mobile growth

For Founders
Non-dilutive financing to grow your company and keep control
For CFOs
Capital efficient on-demand liquidity and tools to optimize your finances
For UA Managers
Increase your spending when UA is working without budget constraints
Fund within 7 days, not 6 months

Fast funding. Capital within 7 days not 6 months

Our simple decision and onboarding process gets you funded and keeps you focused on your business
Increase your valuation

Keep control. Increase your valuation

Reduce or eliminate the need to raise additional equity or use our capital to extend runway and improve your valuation
Free your equity

Don't trap your equity in the marketing cycle

Use our capital, not your VCs to fund your user acquisition spend. Using VC to fund user acquisition is needlessly dilutive.
Fast, safe growth

Supercharge your revenue growth in a safe way

Borrowing is linked to sales you've made and customers you've already acquired.

How do you decide how much I can borrow?

Our credit algorithms examine both unpaid platform receivables (AR) from the app stores and ad networks and also the residual value trapped in your live marketing cohorts. Depending on the combination of these factors, we can lend up to 4x your monthly revenues