Our credit lines, explained

We provide flexible credit lines to drive mobile growth

For Founders
Non-dilutive financing to grow your company and keep control
For CFOs
Capital efficient on-demand liquidity and tools to optimize your finances
For UA Managers
Increase your spending when UA is working without budget constraints
Fund within 7 days, not 6 months

Fully revolving credit facility. Drawdown on demand.

Capital on tap to run your finances more efficiently
Faster payments

Faster than a bank. Daily borrowing base reverification

Don't wait until the end of the month. We verify every day to allow you to act faster
Cost reduces as you borrow more

More expensive than bank funding? Not necessarily...

Our cost of funding reduces as you borrow more. With no set up costs, hidden fees or equity warrants
Less VC funding

Optimise your capital mix.

Focusing on capital efficiency means you can raise less VC funding and dilute less (and your VC's will thank you for it!)

Calculators and tools designed for CFOs to help you plan and forecast.