Borrow up to 4x your monthly revenues

Credit lines for app and game publishers to fund user acquisition

How it works

We integrate directly with your app stores and ad networks to provide you with a flexible line of credit

ApplyProvide us with personal and company info and sign an online termsheet to get pre-approved
ConnectConnect your app store and ad network accounts and sign the online loan agreement
Get PaidReceive funds to your bank account every week, or more frequently if required
Grow faster with Pollen VC

The Definitive Guide to Selecting a UA Financing Partner

Explore the various UA financing options available and which is the best fit for you.

Combining Accounts Receivable (AR) and Residual Cohorts

We unlock the value trapped in your unpaid platform AR and the residual value in the existing user cohorts of your game or app. Get a credit line of up to 4x your monthly revenues.

Borrow beyond your AR

If your UA spend is ROI positive, we can help you scale faster. FACT.

Our credit lines enable an increase in your user acquisition spend when you know you’re spending profitably. We also help you figure out UA unit economics and model your financial returns.

How it works
Raising equity for your mobile app/game company?Use our credit facility to minimize dilution.
Hyper casual dev looking to self-publish?Access the capital you need. No rev share.