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Moscow-based Pixonic initially started out as a computer games developer back in 2009. In 2013, after the success of their first mobile game, Robinson - a game about life on a desert island—the strategic decision was made to focus solely on creating and publishing mobile games. Staying true to their principle, Pixonic have developed and published top-rated mobile games, including War Robots.
500%revenue increase in 8 months
Reinvested & scaled faster

The Problem

Successful releases in danger of slowing due to payment delays
Lack of funds to reinvest back into UA
Considered raising VC funding which would have diluted founder’s equity

By putting in place a credit facility with Pollen VC, revenues were no longer trapped in the app stores’ payment cycle and Pixonic was able to access additional capital necessary to scale its paid user acquisition campaigns and integrate new features to keep users loyal.

Rapidly recycling revenues back into user acquisition through Facebook, Google, and other ad networks allowed Pixonic to break into hundreds of thousands of daily active users, as well as growing their monthly revenues over 500% in eight months.

Pollen VC’s credit lines helped enable Pixonic to grow their developer team from 20 to 60; therefore allowing them to invest time and money to make continual improvements to their mobile gaming titles - such as War Robots - and implement new features to keep their games exciting to their fans, and improving overall LTVs.

Key results

  • Increased revenues over 500% in 8 months with Pollen VC
  • Increased team from 20 to 40
  • Enhanced game features to leverage user experience and loyalty

  • “After 8 months of working with Pollen VC, it was possible to increase the revenue of our game, War Robots, five-fold and to double the size of our team. I think that Pollen VC offers a great opportunity to game studios that want to scale quickly.” — Philip Gladkov, CEO & Founder of Pixonic

    Footnote: Pixonic was subsequently acquired by for $30M

Grew team from 20 to 40
Increased revenues over 500% in 8 months will Pollen VC
Enhanced game features to leverage user experience and loyalty