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Tools and content to help you plan for financial success in your app business

Subscription App ROAS, LTV and Cash Flow

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Visualize ROAS breakeven period, project LTV, and model cash flows for subscription apps.

Calculate ROAS, revenues and cash flow for your app

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Use this calculator to establish whether your ad spend is ROI positive. Visualise ROAS breakeven period, project LTV and model your cash flows to optimize your UA funding strategy.

mROI Monthly ROI

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Our mROI calculator provides the context of time to ROI metrics making it easier to make UA investment decisions.

Hyper Casual Velocity Calculator

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Time is money in hyper casual. This calculator shows how many times you could break even and reinvest into new users in just one payment cycle of each of the leading ad networks.

User Acquisition Template

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This template will help you get started as you start paid UA for your app of game. Use it as a starting point to track and measure the key metrics you need to know to drive your paid UA strategy.

Revenue Based Loan Calculator

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Revenue Based Loans (RBLs) are an increasingly common way to fund growth in digital businesses. But what is the true cost of the loan when expressed as a % interest rate. Find out here.

Fixed Fee vs Interest Rate Comparison Calculator

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Sometimes lenders use fixed fees based on advance amounts to disguise the true cost of a loan. Use this calculator to break down fixed fee rates into a simple interest rate for each app store and ad network.

dCPM - Discounted CPM Calculator

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Payout terms for ad networks differ vastly, yet CPMs are all quoted with no regard to payout dates. Use this calculator to standardise CPMs across networks to help you optimise your monetization stack.

Residual Value Calculator

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If your UA stopped today, how much value remains in your existing user base? Our Residual Value Calculator enables you to analyze your UA performance metrics as the basis to estimate residual value trapped in your live cohorts.

True cost of a Bank AR line

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Focused on headline rates? This calculator shows you the true cost of your bank AR facility at different levels of utilization after all the fees have been factored in.

True cost of Revenue Based Loans

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Want to understand your true cost of funding of your revenue based loans? This calculator unpacks any series of cashflows from RBL's or factoring agreements back to an annual rate of interest.

Pollen VC offers revolving lines of credit based on your AR plus the value locked in your live cohorts. We quote transparent pricing on an interest rate basis just like a credit card or a bank line of credit. You know exactly what you’re paying, which makes it easy to include financing costs in your user acquisition calculations.

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